Wednesday, August 6, 2008

From the green island...

Natasha from our Dublin office has written a great note on how green our Irish office and employees operate:

"I thought I'd give you a snap shot of how we typically live here in Fumbally Square....
We use minimal paper (can quantify yearly consumption if needed), we
have a monthly recycling and shredding service that takes this paper
away. Paper mostly used by Brian Montgomery and me, for accounting

We have a cargo bin that has a recycle part and a normal rubbish bin in

our kitchen. We are all used to recycling all we can as at home we get
charged for each bin collection and the weight of it! Makes us
excellent at the recycling ;-)

I have started purchasing recycled paper note pads for the stationery
cupboard. Actually this happened by accident but still will claim it in
the name of the green movement.

We stopped supplying coke/sods cans; we had stocked the fridge with them
for the past few months but decided instead to purchase fruit juices and
stock the fridge with mostly organic chocolate and with fruit from our
local fruit shop - less packaging.

Since 2002 in the Republic of Ireland, the government has had a 'plastic
bag levy'. We get charged 22cent for each plastic bag we get from a
shop so everyone typically uses a bag for life or creatively carries
their shopping home.

At Workday Dublin, we buy our coffee and now tea from Java Republic, a
company that buys directly from Fairtrade - certified suppliers, or
directly from growers and co-operatives. Tastes really good too.

We have a water filter machine that filters the water at source and we
do not use disposable plastic cups or disposable plates/cutlery.

I'm investigating getting our cleaning company to supply us with
bio-degradable plastic bin bags for bins at our desks and eco-friendly
dishwashing tablets. This should be achievable.

For our office move we recycled everything that we could, paper files
that were no longer in use, old CD's etc, we even reused all of our old
furniture ;-)

We have just three car parking spaces at our new office, meaning that
your Workday Dublin colleagues mostly cycle, walk and get public
transport to work and usually only drive when absolutely necessary.

We aren't currently doing anything about our flights."

This is excellent - thanks Natasha!

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