Friday, November 14, 2008

Now's the time...

According to a recent poll, 2/3 of the Americans think that now is the time to act on the climate crisis and create economic stimulus by investing in renewable energy.

A few of the other poll highlights include:

  • 78% of voters think it is very or somewhat important to address the problems of global warming and climate change, while 22% do not.
  • 35% of voters think it is most important for Congress to pass a plan that creates new jobs by investing in renewable energy projects. This compares with 26% who said expanding health care coverage is most important and 23% who said regulating the financial services industry should be the top priority.
  • 50% of voters said that our oil addiction and economic problems are linked and should be dealt with together, compared with 26% who said we must deal with our oil addiction now and only 13% who said we should deal with our economic problems first.
Thins are changing, for now in public opinion, but hopefully soon in action!

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