Sunday, December 21, 2008

Green Predictions 2009

InfoWorld's Ted Samson has asked 10 industry IT leaders for their predictions for 2009. Will the economic downturn kill green initiatives? Or will the energy savings drive more initiatives? What will happen in Green data centers?

My favorite was by Microsoft: "What are best practices to reduce energy and computational resource consumption for application design? Sloppy code is wasteful. Not only is it slow, error prone, and often not extensible, it usually wastes energy and utilizes unnecessary computational resources. This has a significantly negative impact on the environment. However, most architects are given the "virtualize the problem away" answer for environmental sustainability."

So let's build the most efficient apps we can and be green. :-)

Also noteworthy:
* AMD predicts the start of carbon budgets to prepare for coming regulations.
* Forrester thinks energy savings will shift from data center focus to all distributed PCs (think Energy Star 5.0)
* Cisco calls cloud computing the next green killer app and Microsoft predicts cloud providers will report environmental metrics and provide concrete green operational level agreements for enterprises

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