Friday, January 16, 2009

Green Credit Card saves the planet while you shop!

From Chuao Wang:

"Here’s some details about the carbon offset credit card I mentioned the other day.

I have been looking for an easy way to purchase some carbon offsets and I found this credit card from Brighter Planet and Bank of America.

Here’s how the card works:
* Earn 1 EarthSmart point for every $1 spent in net retail purchases.
* Points are automatically redeemed monthly to help fund renewable energy projects.
* Every 1,000 points will fund an estimated 1 ton of carbon offsets.
* Every 1,000 points is roughly equivalent to taking a car off the road for 2,000 miles, or powering and heating/cooling your home for a month.

This page lists the projects that Brighter Planet supports. You can also track your climate profile with My Brighter Planet and see the offsets earned with your linked credit card. So instead of frequent flier miles, cash rewards or free gas, I can easily and directly purchase carbon offsets with every purchase!"

Awesome find Chuao!

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Ralf Schroeder said...

This is great, much better than getting pointless points to buy more senseless stuff made out of plastic, built in China and shipped across the planet! I have noted that the Citibank ThankYou points also allow you to buy Carbon Offsets's getting there....