Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wattson and Holmes

Ok, I am an eco-geek. I like things that help me understand the impact of our daily behavior, to visualize "the footprint". So I couldn't resist when I came across the slick looking Wattson.

The device has sensors that are attached directly to your main incoming electricity line and that send the usage data wireless to the Wattson device. It shows the to the second energy consumption of your entire home, indicates high or low usage by turning blue or red.

Also, it collects all that data for transfer the "Holmes", the program to track and monitor your energy data.

With a little help from my electrician I got it wired up right this Saturday and can now start teaching the kids why it matters to turn the lights off (see...Wattson is all red and angry because you left the light on!!!).

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