Monday, April 27, 2009

Rent green with Enterprise

Good news! Workday has negotiated a new Rental Car Agreement with Enterprise. They offer us the lowest rates in the "Bay Area". And, as reported recently, Enterprise currently offers a carbon offset option, which is even matched 1:1. The best part is, you can now select the carbon offset option and expense it along with your rental cost, so any of the CO2 emitted during your drive will be offset by clean energy with TerraPass.

When you get to the page "Verify your information and Book your Rental" the option Go Green with your Rental is on the right and you click Add. This will add $1.25 to the rental and recalculate the price. (We cannot auto-elect this option, individuals have to do it.)

We have not signed a national agreement with them yet but will in the very near future. So these low price deals are only in the Bay Area which include Pleasanton, SFO, Oakland and San Jose Airports and all other downtown locations. We'll let you know when we have our national agreement.

Thanks to Betty and our Finance execs for making this happen! Let's give Enterprise lots of good business for being green leaders.

p.s. with this we should not select the more expensive hybrid vehicles as our offsets compensate.

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