Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Direct shuttle from Walnut Creek / Pleasant Hill BART to Stoneridge Mall

Fantastic news! Our very own Wai-Ping has been requesting public transit from PH and WC Bart to Stoneridge Mall and it is finally happening. This is the response she got from Wheels (Dublin / Pleasanton public transit system) last week:

"I am very pleased to say that, based on your request, we are starting up the new variant of our 70 line (to be called 70XV) that will travel between the Pleasant Hill + Walnut Creek Bart stations and the Stoneridge Mall Road loop in Pleasanton, operating nonstop along I-680 in between. This service begins on June 29, and will be departing Pleasant Hill Bart at 7:54a and arrive Stoneridge Mall at 8:28a. In the afternoon, the bus will depart Stoneridge Mall at 5:15p, arriving Pleasant Hill at 5:58p. These timings were based on a combination of factors, including the general availability of buses during peak times and input from the other office complexes along Stoneridge Mall Road. Even if these times won't work everyday for everybody, we are hoping that people who have flextime (and most seem to do) will be able to avail of the new service at least some days of the week.

As you may be aware, we are facing significant funding shortfalls at this time, affecting our ability to maintain current service levels. Therefore, this new service will have to build ridership relatively quickly and substantially in order for us to be able to justify its permanent continuation. I hope you can help us promote it among your co-workers at Workday. We will also be doing outreach at the Corporate Commons, Safeway HQ, Stoneridge Mall, and the Kaiser facility that are all located in that area.

Thank you for making this request and for bringing this unmet transportation need to our attention. I will set the request status to Closed, but you can still leave follow-up messages to this ticket if and when you feel that you might have additional information that could be useful to us. We hope to see you soon on the new 70XV !"

Taking public transport for the long commute from WC to the Mall will have a significant impact on CO2 emissions and is truly a green statement. Let's make this the most profitable bus route ever and take a few of the commute cars off the 680.

Thanks to Wai-Ping for making it happen!!!


Mark said...

Is it just the one round-trip per day? And what times will it be at WC BART? It appears that it won't stop at Kaiser WC as the 70X does, but the schedule isn't posted at the Wheels website -- do we know when to expect the schedule to be posted?

waiping.lee said...

Here's the link to the schedule. Yes, it is just one route each way per day for now until there is confirmation of interest based on ridership.