Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green Rising

Workday Rising 2009 was a smashing success, lots of positive energy and buzz by customers, prospects, partners and employees! But it was not only a great business success, it was also a great green success.

Patty Pasley and Amy Zeifang worked miracles to reduce the environmental impact of this event. Workday offered:
* water cooler and glasses instead of bottled water
* program monitors in front of each session room and throughout the conference instead of printed signs
* minimal conference handouts
* session program printed on recycled paper
* donation of leftover food to a foodbank

Well done, Patty and Amy!!!

Our "green sponsor" OmniPoint offered re-usable water bottles and sported a fun green T-Shirt listing some of the green accolades of Workday's SaaS model.

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