Saturday, January 9, 2010

COP15 thoughts

Ok, since every green blogger on the planet has been pouring his or her frustrated heart out about what went down in Copenhagen in December of 2009, here is my therapeutic attempt.

The goal going in was to negotiate a successor agreement to the expiring Kyoto protocol. So, stakes were high and positions could not have been more different on the individual issues. Small and developing countries have a lot to lose by climate change; large and rich(er) countries contribute most to the problem, but also have to spend the most money to fix the problem. Not an easy negotiation task.

But it all fell apart in the process. Lots of reasons, lots of blame, but here are views of COP-15 that I found worth reading:

- Carl Pope of Sierra Club: Lessons from Denmark
- Steve Howard of the Climate Group: The Copenhagen Accord

Next preparation summit is mid-year in Germany with a target of another meeting in Mexico in 2010. Maybe that will go better, it certainly needs to...

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