Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A fight worth having

Election time is coming up and with that many important decisions are to be made. Arguably the most important one is on the future of clean energy in California.

California has led the country in clean energy legislation by introducing A.B. 32, a forward-looking bill supported by all parties. Unlike the political stalemate on the Federal level, California achieved landmark legislation and this is even more important with this year's missed opportunities for a country-wide or global regulation. Many things that started in California have changed the world for the better!

Now, with Prop 23, out of state oil companies are trying to gut this legislation by tying it to an unrealistic level of unemployment. This even infuriated Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Rep), a long time proponent of A.B.32. Read more about it in Friedman's recent column.

So, what can you do?
  1. Get informed by visiting "No on Prop 23".
  2. Learn what A.B. 32 does for California.
  3. Tell your friends on Facebook about it.
All very confusing? Just remember: A.B. 32, good; Prop 23, bad.

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Erik Hansen said...

It's amazing how Prop 23 is being pushed as a job creation proposition, when instead it is a job killer. If you want to know more about the Business Case against prop 23, read some posts here: