Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Club of Rome takes a 40 year global view

Four decades after their famous "Limits to Growth" report in 1972, the Club of Rome has issued another global report looking at the world in 2052. Not surprisingly, it is not a pretty picture.

Dwindling global resources, continued population growth and a firm rooting in an outdated belief system of growth and market capitalism will bring the planet to the brink of collapse. Climate crisis will accelerate and possibly even reach a point of no return in the second half of the century, unless we act soon.

But there is also hope that we can transition to a sustainable, equitable and happier world. They outline six essential goals to make such a shift. None of these seem easy to achieve or reflected in societies today. It will be a huge learning process for mankind, but maybe it is a defining moment for us as a species. And it requires fast action. "Business as usual" is not an option if we want to ensure that our grand children can live on a worthwhile planet.

Let's make this a driving motivation in all our actions - the time is now!

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