Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UCLA study: Employees at green companies are significantly more productive

(Yet another) new study correlating "green business" practices with productivity. This one is from UCLA, and it further dispels the myth that environmental strategies hurts economic performance.

Published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior, the study found that companies that voluntarily adopt "green" practices have employees that are up to sixteen percent more productive than the average employee.

From the UCLA Newsroom:

“The researchers determined each company's productivity by taking a logarithm of its value added (revenue minus costs), divided by the number of employees, which produced the average value of production per employee. They discovered a difference of one standard deviation, which corresponded to 16 percent higher-than-average labor productivity, in firms that voluntarily adopted environmental standards. “
This is great news for companies that have environmental strategies in place and a call for organizations to adopt formal practices to help boost their bottom line.

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