Monday, November 19, 2012

Tesla S wins Car of the Year award - for true innovation!

Elon Musk and Tesla have done it - they built an all-electric car that wins hands down in all evaluation categories - the Model S. And to prove it, they were awarded the Car of the Year award by Motor Trend. Their chief editor shares his thoughts on why Tesla could become the next Apple and why this is a turning point in history in recent interview.

This car is truly fascinating. Our very own Ken Morris is proud owner of by now 3 electric vehicles, including his brand new Model S:

Now, this is not only beautiful, fast and all-electric powered, it is also smart. A quick look at the insides of this vehicle as taken on a factory tour show this:

The chassis pretty much ends at your knee. Battery packs close to the ground, four wheels, an electric motor - done. No combustion engine, gearbox, cooler. No maintenance intensive pieces, clean, simple.

No wonder the existing cart manufacturers are either fighting this disruptive innovation tooth and nail or are at least blocking it where they can to slow it down. The larger part of their entire value creation is threatened! No more age-old intellectual property required.

Every so often a truly disruptive company comes along. Workday is leading us into the Cloud Computing age of Enterprise Applications, Apple has shown this by offering us a digital lifestyle that has changed our world completely. Tesla might just do that for our eMobility by showing us the future today.

Needless to say, I signed up on the pre-order list and am now counting the days until my Model S is being built. Several other Workday folks are already ahead of me though...

(all photos courtesy of Ken Morris)

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