Monday, November 18, 2013

Apple secretly builds out massive clean power facilities

While Google has over the years invested over a billion dollars in renewable energy projects and is a very public force-for-good in this sector, Apple has so far not made any visible moves to cleanly source the energy needs of its data centers. This is now changing. Over the last several years, Apple has built up two massive solar farms in North Caroline next to their newly build data center. Build by SunPower, these 20 MW solar farms plus their new 10 MW Bloom Energy fuel cell farm produce more energy than they consume in total.

The extent of the investment is staggering and it begins an era where large internet companies are actively playing in the energy market and changing the landscape of it in the process. Amazon is even building its own substations now and has engineers re-write old code to increase energy efficiency. At this scale, it makes sense. Very interesting moves by the big players...

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