Friday, November 28, 2008

The business case for greener IT

At Workday Rising, our platinum sponsor Accenture distributed their "Outlook" magazine and it had an interesting article titled "The business case for a greener IT agenda" in it. It outlines that while green efforts are not quite mainstream and fully regulated, they become more and more prevalent, especially in the IT departments. The CIO as eco-champion can drive 5 focal points:
* Don't let up on the data center: Lots of savings to be had here
* Foster green work practices: Anything from telecommuting to duplex printing to turning off the monitors help
* Rewire the office: Use VoiP, be smart about your infrastructure
* Purchase with green intent: Choose the right vendors and products
* Elevate corporate citizenship: Work with your communities on hardware donations and recycling

Finally, Accenture predicts more and more CIOs will be asked for green initiatives so it's better to be prepared!

At Workday, our very own Jim Hopp is definitely an eco-champion. We are on top of the data center efficiency, encourage green employee behavior, purchase energy-efficient laptops and servers (see also our Climate Savers commitment). We should be relentless in our pursuit to be a sustainable green SaaS vendor - it is and will be even more so a strong value-add!

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