Monday, October 4, 2010

The Age of Stupid

In a somewhat dramatic film from 2009 called "The Age of Stupid", we get to look back from the year 2055 when the full extent of possible climate change has pretty much altered our planet forever and ask ourselves:

"Why didn't we do something about it when we still had time?"

Based on current scientist view, we have about 5 years left to start a full-hearted shift from CO2 emitting energy sources to clean energy and follow through on the Kyoto protocol. Not a whole lot of time and Copenhagen 2009 and Cap-and-Trade 2010 did not materialize results. So this is beginning to look real scary for anyone under 70 or with children to think about...

Since I knew most of the fact portrayed in the film already, I found the movie primarily alarming and depressing, with not a whole lot of positive messaging left. But I recommend it for people still thinking we the next 20 years will be anything like the last 20 years.

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